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We are experts in Executive Search and People Consultancy. Whether you are a founding team, tech start-up, high-growth SME or trusted global brand, we partner seamlessly to track down the most gifted and informed talent, enabling you to get on with being the best. We do things differently: solving Talent and People challenges creatively and working tirelessly to support you through every stage of growth.

When it comes to People solutions, we break the mould to define new and better ways of working. From the get-go, we are with you every step of the way, offering you a fluid, bespoke service designed around you. We partner with you to become an extension of your team, piecing together your perfect JDer project squad made up of thinkers, creators and innovators – colourful characters who ooze originality and invention, paired up with those who have the most meticulous eye for detail, love the phrase ‘due-diligence’ and get giddy at Gantt charts, pivot tables and a busy Trello board. Driven by data and transparency, we craft detailed reports (or bite-sized chunks – if you prefer!), valuable market insights and access to our unrivalled network of Talent and our team of experts will work to identify, engage and nurture stand-out talent on your behalf, so you can rely on us to guide and support you on your next adventure.

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We created a different roadmap

We are the first to admit that traditionally, the Exec Search process can be stale, slow, and somewhat frustrating so, never ones to follow the rules, we decided to re-route the navigation and take a different path to hiring senior leaders; finding fast, agile and innovative solutions to a usually long and arduous process.

Our key focus is tracking down the best talent to help you futureproof your business. To make this happen, we operate two search lanes: one covering the traditional executive search techniques, alongside our own fast track process to get to your end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We thrive on the ever-evolving needs of growing businesses and will work with you in unison, shifting direction as needed, and matching your pace and agility to foresee your future and develop the best people map to drive your epic journey.

Our ecosystem

Marketing Research
Big Data

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We can help with

Talent Consulting & Assessments

Our bunch of boffins are obsessed with problem solving so if it’s research or market insight you’re looking for, we can help work out what you need, and then go and find the answer. Hit us with your pain points, and we will hit back with data, market intelligence and our expert opinion.

Leader Coaching

The career landscape can be a confusing and daunting maze to navigate but, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our team of experts offer an unrivalled leadership and career development programme to help you make your mark in this fast paced and multi-faceted market.

Contact us now, to take the first step, discover your strengths and continue your transition into the next adventure with an ambitious strategy, enhanced knowledge, and confidence in your future goals.

Team Builds

Landing and expanding is a big task, especially when you’re a lean team with little to no hiring capability. Why not bolt on our team as an extension of your team. We can work with you to help hire your amazing people, ensuring your culture is embodied by every new, smiley face that joins the team.

Start your journey with JD&Co

Whether you’re just starting your journey to find the best talent to join your team, you’re in need of some consulting expertise, or you’re an exec navigating the job market, we’re here to help to you find your tribe. Your success is our success – let’s get connected.

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