We spend a large proportion of our lives at work, so it’s no wonder that looking for a new job or choosing a company to work for is no mean feat, with more than just the salary to consider. Factors such as location, benefits, team size, career progression, culture, CSR and company values, vision and mission are becoming increasingly influential. What is important for one person will be very different to another.

Over the past few years, company values have become more and more significant in employer’s and employee’s decision making. Forward-thinking companies recognise that their employees are more than hired help or a number on their payroll, but instead, are central to their success. At the same time, employees want a genuine partnership with their employer rather than simply working their 9-5.

JD&Co is a firm believer in Values-based hiring and the importance of creating a cohesive, collaborative team at all levels. When hiring JDers, we work hard to weigh up skills and experiences with priorities and core principles, always looking to align them to our own. Our values at JD&Co have grown organically since our inception, and are still based firmly on our core mission; Jo set up the business with a view to disrupt the market norm and offer a different approach to Talent and People within the tech sector.

We recently decided to give our own values a bit of a dust down, focusing in on what it means to be a JDer and understanding the unwritten (ok, a bit written) rules of our wonderful, fun, open culture.

1. GSD = Get S*** Done

Our number one JDer value, and definitely my (Lou’s) favourite, both in the office and out, is GSD. We’re all about delivery, at speed and at a high standard. We believe this sets us apart from the crowd and ensures we are always working in partnership with our wonderful clients to the best of our abilities.

2. EQfluent

We aim to act with EQ (emotional quotient) in all that we do: striving to understand our clients, candidates and colleagues more every day. We want to use this way of working to help and support the way we do business with each other and our partners.

3. We not I

Collaboration is at the core of how we work, who we work with and what we work towards. JDers are natural team players, and we strive to work with our clients transparently, as an extension of their team. There is no “I” or “mine”, instead, we focus on ‘us’ and “ours”.

4. Break the Mould

The ‘Break the Mould’ value links back to what and why we come to work for each day. Not being recruiters is important to us. We don’t have KPIs, we don’t earn commission or do any of the typical “recruitment” trappings. JD&Co is doing something different and breaking the mould every single day, we are on a mission to change the face of Talent forever, for the better. This value also speaks to our love for diversity; diversity of opinion, background, skillset and everything else in between.

5. Learn and Grow

We’re all about working smarter. We start with the result or the outcome we are trying to achieve and then work backwards to create realistic, effective actions. Constantly striving to be better, to achieve more, at a faster pace and in more detail. We are lucky to work with some of the fastest growing, most innovative tech businesses across Europe and beyond, and we strive to manage our workloads in a similar way – pivoting constantly, staying on our toes and thriving on ambiguity.

6. Fiercely Kind

Lastly: feel the love, share the love. As JDers, we are kind to our core; we genuinely care about each and every project, candidate, client, start-up, mentor, funding round, office move – office dog! We project that level of commitment into our work, so we can ensure our clients know we are on their side and part of their team, every step of the way.

We believe our values truly sum up our culture, hiring and way of working, and we strive to embody the values of our partners too.

The talent pool is getting smaller and there’s an ever-mounting pressure to hire and retain the best people. Companies and brands which are reaping the talent rewards are those which live by and communicate strong values. This is something which will set a business apart and create a real “voice” in the market – to friends, employees, clients and customers. To attract skilled contributors, inspirational leaders and tech visionaries, don’t just offer a ping pong table and beer on tap, create a unique and genuine culture, outlined by core values.

Believe us, values are invaluable.

The JDers, with thanks to Louisa and Sarah for their contributions!