Beat the autumn blues… here’s the third homework session in a series of top tips and hacks from Jo Dalton.

I often get asked how to improve the chances of attracting new and ‘the best’ talent or how someone can be headhunted, so I have pulled together some simple tips that I always share, which I hope will help you unlock and open your future – for your business or yourself. The third and final in our homework series of hacks is here…

Network and reach out to your alumni

Networking doesn’t come easy to some but it’s an important part of getting noticed.  I always advise people to try and attend every event they can if you’re looking to expand your network.  You’ve got be to consistently attending conferences, speaking engagements, dinners, awards etc, especially if you want to land the best job.  It’s vital you’re at the cutting edge of your industry and that you’re seen at the events which are addressing the cutting-edge issues.

Generally the rule is year one you are planning what you are going to achieve, year two you deliver on what you set out to achieve and year three you are telling everyone what you achieved.  However, if you’re trying to build a business and have a huge amout to do before you can start shouting about what you have done, avoid unless they are essential but more about that is my next blog…

Use your alumni to your advantage. Everyone knows about the PayPal Mafia, they are a great example of colleagues who have all moved onto create some of the best tech companies around. My question to executives is: when was the last time you reached out to your ex colleagues? They may be the key to unlocking your future career opportunities.

Be current, be relevant

This piece of advice is two-fold and addresses: how relevant you are, and how current your conversation is.

Great business people are also good at reflecting upon personal and professional successes so ask yourself: Is the summary of your career experience still relevant? It sounds very simple, but you have got to be relevant. Even in a more traditional role it’s vital to use modern words and phraseology.  Embrace change to ensure you stay sharp and current.

It’s also important to think about the conversations you’re having online. What are the burning issues you, your colleagues and your competitors are trying to solve.  What is getting a strong reaction and causing debate? What are the questions that people in your industry are asking? Get involved in this.  Have an opinion, try and answer the questions.  Be active and be seen!

For the tech world at the moment it’s all about blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, the future of work, security, disruption, big data, growth hacking, globalisation, gender pay gaps – you get the idea. There are so many topics you can involve yourself in – you probably read others commenting on them all the time.  Instead of standing back – get involved, comment, and start connecting.

Your ‘Nowness’

In the fast paced world we live in, everyone needs that new talent or fresh skill set – now, in fact, they needed it yesterday.  Therefore, it’s important to highlight your availability to head straight into your next project, and if you’re not constrained by contracts and other red tape this could springboard you to the front of the queue.

All of the above is relevant whether you are looking for a career move yourself or if you want to grow your team and therefore need to stand out as an awesome hiring manager, leader or company.  You need to put your best self out there, every day. I am challenging myself to do this too, so see you online.

Good luck!

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