Heatwave? What heatwave? As the summer becomes a distant and hazy memory, our thoughts are firmly focussed on getting the kids back to school or else detoxing after a season of over-indulgence. For some, this is a time of reflection and as a result, many of us start looking for new and exciting career opportunities.

Now is the perfect time to put yourself back in centre stage and get noticed for that new job, promotion or if you’re looking to grow your team, I always recommend you adopt the same strategy.

I often get asked how to improve the chances of attracting new and ‘the best’ talent, or how someone can be headhunted, so I have pulled together some simple tips that I always share, which I hope will help you unlock your future – for your business or for yourself.  So here is part one of your homework ;-)

Make your online presence pop

Make your online presence shine, sparkle and pop out.  The key to this is consistency; all output needs to be relevant to make an impact in this competitive talent landscape.  Although LinkedIn is important, don’t forget to use the other channels as well, sing across many social platforms – but remain professional!

Become headhuntable

If you are a senior exec the goal has to be to get headhunted.  However, to be headhunted you need to be headhuntable.  The key to getting noticed is having a great online presence, great at networking and ensuring you are current, relevant and topical; whether it’s your job title, the projects you work on or the industry or incrowd you’re associated with – make it pop and get noticed.

Polish your profile

There’s not a day that goes by where someone doesn’t ask how to maximise or improve their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is often the starting point for making your mark in the talent eco-system and connect with the people that you want to impress and take notice of you.

First place to start is your summary.  Make this area count and draft a dynamic professional summary. This is your shop window to display to your potential purchasers (employers) what you’re all about.  This is your chance to direct people to your talent and experience source. Use this to signpost people to your experience, highlights and basically showcase who you are and what you’re all about.

A photo tells a thousand words

It still amazes me how many senior executives still haven’t mastered this and haven’t got a good, professional profile picture. The key is to look professional and you can’t go too wrong with a head and shoulders shot, camera facing, clear and clean photo.  Please don’t add a cropped couple shot from your wedding day or a picture of you slightly jaded with a large drink in your hand.  Also, please no photos which were taken 20 years ago, and you look nothing like that now – we all know the disappointment from our dating app days!

Recommendations and referrals

I have grown a business on referrals so see how it works and gives you great karma points.  When you’re buying a new car or going for a fancy meal you will quite often ask for recommendations and more often than not you take them seriously as they come from a third party whom you trust. The same goes for personal recommendations on places like LinkedIn and other forums. Ask colleagues and peers to recommend you and ensure you have a regular stream of them. Note to self and indeed my network, if you know me and want to say something nice, please feel free to add a comment ?

Be seen AND be heard

Leave a strong digital footprint. Being active online, whether its Twitter, more serious Medium (personally love it) or inside LinkedIn is also going to serve you well.  Commenting, participating in groups, articles, and status updates is always good. Engage and be seen regularly.

All of the above is relevant whether you are looking for a career move yourself or if you want to grow your team and therefore need to stand out as an awesome hiring manager, leader or company.  You need to put your best self out there, every day. I am challenging myself to do this too, so see you online.

Good luck and be sure to check in for the next homework session!

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