Us JDers are a pretty unique bunch of experienced consultants dedicated to finding the best talent on the planet. From the most disruptive startups in tech and digital today, to global giants – we’ve got it covered, and we thought you might like a little peek into our world:

JDER: Kelly Tzelepis, Talent Acquisition Consultant

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kellylindseytzelepis

What do you do?

I’m a Talent Acquisition Consultant and most of my days are spent #G.S.D’ing. It’s one of our JD&Co values and one I live by. I manage the full recruitment lifecycle, hiring for roles across the UK, Europe and the US, with a specific focus across HR, GM/Operations and Finance, and working closely with Jo on all our Executive Search projects.

What are you working on right now?

Spinning lots of plates! I’m working on a number of senior HR hires with high-growth tech businesses as well as being immersed in lots of very exciting new projects which kicked off at the beginning of 2016.

Name the best/biggest/craziest thing you have achieved as a JDER?

My 2.5 years at JD&Co has been a crazy roller coaster! My biggest achievement has to be transitioning from an EA to a Consultant in just 18 months. When I started at JD&Co I had zero recruitment experience and each day I have learnt something new. Now I look back and feel super proud of what I’ve achieved, with highlights being making two senior international hires in New York and Berlin.

What skill sets are each of your clients looking for right now?

Every client is different but I think the one thing that resonates across all is looking for smart, super switched on candidates that have the drive to excel in their careers. You could have someone with all the experience in the world but if they don’t have passion to match it will hold them back.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Most days I don’t feel like I’m coming to work. I get to hang out with some really cool people every day and my fellow JDers are like a second family. That aside we get to work with some of the most exciting and innovative tech startups, not just in London, across the globe – to me that is pretty exciting.

If you had a virtual doppelgänger, how would she spend her day?

Sometimes I feel like a virtual doppelganger is just what I need, so I can juggle being a mummy to a spritely 3 year old and working full-time. I’d send my virtual doppelganger to JD&Co HQ for the week to take my place, while the real me hopped on a private jet to an exotic location with sun, sand and sea – bliss!