Be our Valentine- (1)

Feeling unloved? Like no one gets your passion for great service, your determination to deliver or your creativity? We’ve all been there – the dark side. KPI’s and targets, commission that never materializes, aggressive environments and lack of collaboration. JD&Co was born out of utter frustration with the recruitment industry, the unsupportive sales driven themes and the outdated attitudes that go with it: we became the change we wanted to see.

Armed with an unwavering passion for the brightest and best standard in client care and headhunting excellence, we continue to shake up the industry in the tech and digital space – the JD&Co way. And the great news is – we want you just as you are! Curious, dedicated, tech obsessed (geeks most welcome) and here are 5 things (we had to limit the post) that you will experience as JD givens:

1. We will support you on your journey

2. We will show you new ways of recruiting/headhunting
3. We give you access to the clients and talent no one else finds
4. We’ll motivate you through growth and opportunity
5. We’ll blow your mind with our great culture and work ethos