JD&Co and Qlik are proud to be a platinum sponsors to Artesian’s Connections 15 conference taking place in London on Wednesday 2nd December 2015.

The afternoon is packed with talks and master classes from some of the most popular global speakers today; we are particularly excited to see keynote speakers Professor Steve Peters, and Julian Treasure.

Professor Peters, a sports psychologist and author famed for his self-development book, The Chimp Paradox, will be sharing how to manage our ‘inner chimps’ in his, Mind Management for Optimum Performance segment. The Chimp Paradox has now sold over 500,000 copies in the UK was the most successful selling self-development book of 2014; we can’t wait to hear what he has to say and optimize our JD chimps as soon as possible.


While Julian Treasure is simply the speaker everyone wants to hear. With over 8 million views on his TED talks, he is known as ‘the master of sound’. Julian’s, ‘Speak To Be Heard’ segment will inform attendees how they can be better heard by unleashing his unique mix powerful speaking Strategy.


We look forward to hearing the brilliance; sharing the knowledge and loading up on invaluable advice, tools and and inspiration ready to learn and share.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and if you would like to find out about getting a special discounted rate ticket, contact us for further information.

The JDers

Website: https://www.artesiansolutions.com

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