If you love tech, it’s hard to imagine life without Apple. And even if you don’t the chances are someone in your household has an Apple product. Apple has become the only tech status symbol to own from hipsters to CEOs and everyone in-between. There is no escaping the most recognized apple in the world, which speaks a universal language of technology, joy and offers a global connection that transcends gender, location and career; we all want in.

As director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin bring the turbulent, brilliant and controversial life story of Steve Jobs to the big screen via way of Michael Fassbender, the man behind the brand is more than ever in the spotlight. And whilst the movie appears to have ruffled more than a few feathers in the Apple family, we can’t wait to see the latest take on Mr. Jobs’ methods and magic.

To celebrate the movie, Mr. Jobs and all things Apple we asked the team to share their Apple moments and images. We hope you are reading this on your Mac, we are.

Antonio Miragliotta, Talent and HR Advisor, shares:

“I actually bought the very first iPhone ever to be released in Italy, it was December 2008 and I will never forget the moment I turned it on. It still works fine, even if it’s super slow and as obsolete as a telegraph now.”

Rich Watson, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, shares:

A tranquil moment shot on the iPhone 6. Pretty sure this belongs in the Apple iPhone gallery…


Daniella Angel, Head of Client and JD Happiness shares:

“I only became an Apple user for the very first time this spring when I received my lovely Apple Watch as a gift from JD&Co, and then the iPhone 6 to match. Having the Apple Watch and iPhone has totally changed my outlook on wearable tech; I couldn’t be without either of them now. Imagine?

Since owning the iPhone I have become the keenest nature photographer too.  Forever climbing trees, riding horses, and walking in the country busy snapping away with my iPhone because it takes such awesome photos.  I started at JD&Co as the one and only (and proud) Android-er, and here I am, 3 years later, totally hooked converted to the ‘dark side’ of Apple (much to Jo’s Joy!)  Hehe!”

JD&Co HQ London share:

The incredible view from our offices at WeWork South Bank shot on the iPhone 6s. It’s not hard to feel inspired and ready for anything when this is outside your window.


Jamie Ludbrook, Talent Acquisition Consultant, shares:

“The day I got my Apple Watch was like being 13 again unwrapping my first Nintendo! You’re never too old to enjoy a cool gift, especially when it’s such a cool gadget.”

Jo Dalton, Founder & CEO, shares:

“I started JD&Co from a MacBook Air and an iPhone – in a coffee shop. I’ll never forget the feeling of quitting the dull corporate world; I headed straight to Apple, setup a business account and started there and then. The buzz of feeling like an individual again was, and is priceless. I cannot wait to see the movie!”

Have a Happy Apple Friday!

Jo & The JDers