Us JDers are a pretty unique bunch of experienced consultants dedicated to finding the best talent on the planet. From the most disruptive startups in tech and digital today, to global giants – we’ve got it covered, and we thought you might like a little peek into our world:

JDER: Rich Watson, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant


What do you do?

I connect the best UK and International marketing, social and ecommerce talent with innovative startups and established media names. I also consistently tell a plethora of bad jokes and have to shield myself from verbal abuse after telling them.

What are you working on right now?

We’ve got a great blend of executive search projects and senior marketing roles, with a range of startups and well-known media brands. It’s a candidate-rich market thankfully and it’s great to connect a high-level of talent with really forward-thinking clients.

Name the best/biggest/craziest thing you have achieved as a JDER?

The best thing has been the immediate exposure I was given to an international network of innovative startups, all of which are intent on bringing really groundbreaking concepts to market. It’s also a really inclusive culture at JD&Co, so joining the team and working within such a collaborative culture has been great!

What is the skill set that each of your clients are looking for right now?

Across marketing, social and ecommerce, the common thread with our clients is the need for a broad range of skills, ideally coupled with a blend of corporate & startup experience. Cultural fit is also such an important consideration for our clients. It’s imperative for us to work hand in glove as partners, to both them and our candidates. All of which, helps us to find the absolute best match in the market.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I’m a cut price Jonathan Ross effectively, so the fact I get to interview such a broad range of talented people every day definitely works for me! I love working with new clients and the absolute best thing is when you’ve fulfilled a client brief with a candidate you know will add an immediate and tangible positive contribution to their business.

If you had a virtual doppelgänger, how would he spend his day?

He’d touch down at JFK, head straight over to Central Park; play a free concert with guest appearances from Beck, Diana Ross, Madonna and Mick Jagger, then he’d slink off to the Museum of Modern Art for a cultural detour, before ending the evening with dinner & drinks at a rooftop bar, regaling his close showbiz pals, Will Ferrell, Robert DeNiro and Ricky Gervais with a round-up of his uneventful day ;-)