Us JDers are a pretty unique bunch of experienced consultants dedicated to finding the best talent on the planet. From the most disruptive startups in tech and digital today, to global giants – we’ve got it covered, and we thought you might like a little peek into our world:

JDER: Antonio Miragliotta, Talent and HR Advisor


What do you do?

The right question should be ‘what is that you don’t do?’ But to answer the original question – I do everything! My responsibilities go from research and sourcing, through to telephone screenings and Skype/F2F meetings. I am also responsible for team training, project coordination for a number of clients, and last but not least I take care of all analytics we need within the business.

What are you working on right now?

It’s mostly web developers, and generally tech positions for me, but I basically help with almost every requirement we usually work on.

Name the best/biggest/craziest thing you have achieved as a JDER?

Well the last onsite project was pretty intense – the client had offices in UK, US, and Asia so basically we would never end the working day! We managed to audit the entire business and put in place a huge number of HR policies, which helped them smoothen processes.

What is the skill set that each of your clients are looking for right now?

Tech/role-specific skills aside, they are all looking for passionate and hungry people pursuing a life-changing career rather than a simple 9-to-5 job.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The variety; I can’t really remember a time when I worked on the same task/role for more than 1 day…

If you had a virtual doppelgänger, how would he spend his day?

Binge-watching movies and TV series on Netflix and going window-shopping – Amazon is usually cheaper, you know…